Chiropractic is the second largest primary healthcare profession. It takes a drug free, hands on approach to healing with extensive training in several methods of manual treatment, corrective rehabilitation exercises, stress management, injury prevention and nutritional guidance.

Doctor’s of Chiropractic (DC) are trained to diagnose and treat the body as a whole, including any pain of the musculoskeletal system (neck, back, arms, legs, wrist, knees, jaw, abdomen etc.), nervous system, organ systems, lymphatic systems, and any other conditions that may interfere with the body’s overall health.

It is this comprehensive approach to all aspects of the patient’s health that enables chiropractors to look at the big picture, and correct the cause of your symptoms rather than simply masking them. Continue Reading…



Throughout your treatment you will learn various corrective exercises, you will essentially “retrain” your body how to move properly, allowing you to manage your pain without drugs.


It can take days, weeks or even months for major symptoms to appear, which is why chiropractic care is essential to maintaining your health following an accident.


Enjoy a healthy childhood, a pain free pregnancy, and a comfortable retirement.


While treatments will help reduce your pain and put you on the path to recovery, it is an absolute necessity to understand and follow the proper steps for a safe and speedy recovery.


Help patients manage their pain prior to the surgery, and quickly restore optimal function, mobility and strength during the healing process.


Gentle, yet effective adjustments allow nerves to function properly so their little bodies can heal naturally without the use of drugs that cause damaging side-effects.


There are over 300 adjusting techniques chiropractors use, ranging from a quick thrust to a gentle touch. Most doctors choose one technique that they prefer and only offer that option to their patients.  At Longevity Chiropractic, we practice a wide variety of techniques enabling us to tailor a treatment plan specific to your unique condition, body type and personal preference so that you can finally get the care you deserve.

  • QSM3
  • Flexion Distraction
  • Drop Table
  • Activator
  • Myofascial Release

Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) is the most innovative and forward thinking technique in chiropractic today that focuses on correcting the patient’s posture from head to toe, putting their body in the optimal position for healing and overall function.

The adjustment itself has NO FORCEFUL TWISTING, POPPING, OR CRACKING of the spine in any way, making it suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly, and even those who’ve had spine surgery in the past. During the adjustment a gentle touch is applied to the upper neck and head area in specific manner to release the pathways of tension that hold the body in its twisted, compressed, and misaligned state.

This gentle, yet highly effective postural correction technique has provided relief for many people suffering with chronic neck and back pain, as well as a host of other serious conditions.


• Vertigo
• Fibromyalgia
• Migraine/Headaches
• TMJD (Temperomandibular Joint Disorder)
• Sciatica
• Hypertension
• Scoliosis
• Frozen Shoulder
• TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia)
• Bells palsy and much more

Flexion Distraction Table A slow moving table that gently tractions the spine, inducing motion while the doctor is able to use both hands to target your specific areas of concern.  This is a safe and scientifically proven alternative to back surgery for disc herniations, sciatica, stenosis, spondylolisthesis and a number of other spinal conditions.


• Sciatica
• Disc bulges and herniations
• Arthritis / Spinal Degeneration
• Spinal Stenosis

Drop Table Sections are built into the table that drop about an inch when the doctor delivers a gentle thrust, allowing gravity to assist in the adjustment. This allows the doctor to apply less force, while the patient is able to lie flat instead of getting twisted around, which provides for a comfortable adjustment.


• Musculoskeletal Pain
• Sciatica
• Hip Pain
• Disc Bulges
• Herniations

Activator Using a small, handheld, spring-loaded device that delivers a gentle and precise impulse, mimicking the thrust of a chiropractic adjustment. There are several clinical trials to support its efficacy, and this is yet another great tool for adjusting children and the elderly.


• Musculoskeletal Pain
• Arthritis
• Spinal Degeneration

Myofascial Release A technique where the doctor uses his hand, elbow, knee, or forearm to apply pressure to a muscle or muscle group as it is brought through its full range of motion, breaking up adhesions and scar tissue which improves motion and blood flow. This should be done after all sports injuries to speed up the healing process and restore normal function so you can get back in the game.


• Sports Injuries (Acute & Chronic)
• Musculoskeletal Pain
• Anxiety
• Stress


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A vision to see future generations grow up with a better understanding of how to manage their health, and ultimately see them turn towards the preventive and natural healing methods of chiropractic care, exercise, and healthy living habits.

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